Nutrients To Tame High Blood Pressure

There are two causes of high blood pressure. One is a vascular problem. The other is a kidney problem. Kidney-related hypertension can have many causes. What we do know is that the kidneys filter our waste material. But something beyond that is being done here. Here is what I learned.

The Role of The Kidneys

The kidneys are like injector pumps with millions of engines. In our kidneys, our blood breaks down into tiny particles. These particles are smaller than atoms. This will never be discovered by modern science, but once you realize this, you will be able to cure your diseases so hear me through. Until it is confirmed by modern science, it is your choice whether or not you want to believe me. The pressure needed to break down the blood into smaller particles comes from blood pressure. Focus your attention on how this phenomenon occurs, not how it is caused by hormones.

How do we get the energy to create this pressure? It is the mind that basically provides the energy needed for that. The relevant energy is transmitted by the nervous and circulatory systems. Many people use drinks as a temporary remedy to lower blood pressure. This is disease management. Mental strength is an essential factor. There are a number of ways in which the mind can be manipulated to control blood pressure.

First of all, come to terms with the idea that positive thinking can cure your illness. It is the way to cure all your diseases. Your mood swings can determine your blood pressure. (Think of how someones blood pressure can rise when they get angry.)

The Role of Blood Vessels

The other factor is the thickening and narrowing of the blood vessels. We will explore solutions for that too. The walls of the arteries are thicker than the veins. That’s because the arteries have a slightly thicker layer of flesh. What is the reason for this?

Have you ever felt your pulse? Place three fingers of the other hand just below the wrist. You will feel the pressure beat. You can see it moving forward like a wave. At this point, you may feel that the blood pressure is caused by the pressure being pumped by the heart. So far no one was able to find the real reason, which is not strange. But the heart has nothing to do with this pulse. This pulse causes the artery to dilate and contract at the site. This process takes place as a wave, which pushes the blood flow forward. Blood is carried and brought back to the heart by the veins. The blood brought back to the heart does not need so much pressure.

In veins, the valve in the middle ensures that blood does not backflow. The arteries however do not have these valves.

Now we need to understand that in order to keep the blood flowing inside the arteries, we need to do some things to keep those arteries healthy.

How To Keep Your Arteries Healthy?

1. The flexibility of the arteries must be maintained.

2. Must be able to expand and relax muscles.

3. The muscles should contract. (Can’t push forward unless muscle contraction is active.)

4. The interior walls should be smooth. (If there are hard walls, you have to put extra effort to push blood forward)

5. Hormones such as nitric oxide and essential prostaglandins, which contribute to arterial dilatation, must be secreted properly.

6. The density of the blood should not increase.

7. Cholesterol should not be trapped in the walls of arteries.

Improper maintenance of the above factors can lead to changes in blood pressure.

Here’s an analogy. Compare water flow in a PVC pipe and water flow in a rubber hose. The pressure inside a PVC pipe is higher than that inside a rubber hose. This can help you understand how important the flexibility of the walls in the arteries is.

The Importance of Copper

Copper is a mineral that is needed to create this flexibility. Black sesame is the best food for this. It is good to eat about three teaspoons daily.

How To Spot a Copper Deficiency?

Here are two easy ways to find out if you have a copper deficiency. The first is hair greying. When copper is depleted, the hair loses its black color. The second factor is the appearance of white spots on the skin. If you have these symptoms, you probably have low levels of copper and hence could be at risk of high blood pressure.

Foods rich in Copper

Let’s say you have your copper levels under control. The problem still isn’t over. The next part you need to worry about is whether your body muscles are able to relax when needed. In order for muscles to relax, our body needs to have enough of the mineral magnesium.

The Importance of Magnesium

If your magnesium levels are low, you would feel that relaxation is not happening promptly after the contraction of your muscles when you felt your pulse. Constricted arteries relax very slowly. This increases the pressure inside the artery. So it is important to keep in mind that magnesium does not cause high blood pressure, but instead, its deficiency can lead to it.

So the first treatment we should follow for high blood pressure is to take up a diet rich in magnesium. But the amounts of mineral salts we have discussed are no longer available in the food we buy from the supermarket. So even when we try and eat nutritious food, no cure can be seen. That’s when people turn to supplements to get these minerals.

Unfortunately, 95% of supplements on the market are synthetic. What you need to be taking are natural supplements if you want to truly get rid of your high blood pressure issues. While taking natural supplements, rearrange your diet too. Green foods contain magnesium. Magnesium is especially abundant in foods such as herbs, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashews. Dark red rice also contains magnesium. Therefore, eating traditional rice is very good for people with high blood pressure.

Foods rich in Magnesium

Now that the relaxing of the muscles is handled, let’s look at what affects the contraction of our muscles. All of our muscles need the mineral calcium to contract.

The Importance of Calcium

If calcium is depleted in any way, great consequences will follow. The pressure the kidneys ask for cannot be met. Because of this, the blood cannot break down into smaller particles for recycling.

Calcium deficiency can be treated by consuming foods such as drumstick leaves, small fish, cheese, and butter on a daily basis. Women with calcium deficiency experience a lot of pain during menstruation. Symptoms such as joint pain, tooth decay, and constipation are caused by calcium deficiency.

Foods rich in Calcium

Next, to reduce the density of the inner walls of the arteries, we need to have antioxidants, omega 3/6/9, and elastin in our diet. These proteins maintain the elasticity of the muscles. Lacking them makes the arteries stiff. This causes high blood pressure.

Hormones & Other Key Molecules

Proper nutrition is needed for the secretion of hormones. When it is not available, the hormone secretion does not occur properly. Zinc, in particular, affects our hormonal system. Pumpkin seeds are rich in this mineral.

The hormone prostaglandin is very important. This hormone helps to dilate the arteries. Omega 3/6/9 fatty acids are needed to make this hormone. A person with a fatty acid deficiency cannot produce this hormone. This reduces the space inside the artery lumen and increases blood pressure.

Nitric oxide production is another key sector. This molecule can stop the clotting of blood rather than control the blood pressure. Nitric oxide is produced by the first cell layer, or endothelium, in the inner wall of arteries. If the endothelium is under pressure at any point, nitric oxide dilates and relaxes the site.

Noni Fruit (Morinda Citrifolia)

Entrepreneurs who were aware of this occurrence have used nitric oxide to reduce impotence. This is a tactic used to reduce the pressure in the blood vessels of the penis and to collect more blood. But this condition affects not only the male sex organs but also other parts of the body causing serious damage. This is especially the case for kidney failure.

There are ways to control nitric oxide naturally. The extract of Noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia) in particular enhances the production of this nitric oxide in the arteries.

Next, about the density of the blood. Western medicine provides permanent blood thinners. If the cause of your high blood pressure is found, you should not solely follow this route. Even if this medicine is taken to manage the disease for some time, the cause of the disease should be found and treated.

Blood Density

There are several reasons for the increase in blood density. Smoking is one of them. The second is an increase in the chemical homocysteine. This is because of the process called methylation, which takes place right from the beginning of the first cell in our body. As a result, this homocysteine is released into the bloodstream. It can be used repeatedly to produce the most valuable hormone called glutathione, but due to the lack of proper nutrition, homocysteine circulates in the blood. This increases the density of the blood. All you need to do is give it an outlet and the support required. The nutrients and minerals listed below are important in this issue.

• Selenium
• Round B 6. B12
• Pottery and Ceramics Folic acid

Mothers consume foods rich in these while waiting to meet their babies. Eat village food such as sweet potatoes, coconuts, and jackfruits. Then you will start getting rid of these diseases. As much as possible, have home-cooked meals.

Food rich in Antioxidants

The last point I mentioned earlier involves keeping cholesterol from getting trapped in the arteries. That’s not really a problem.

The reason for the increase in cholesterol is the increase in free radicals in the body. So all you have to do is eat as many antioxidants as possible.

Cholesterol builds up in the arteries only because of the free radicals in the arteries. Moringa leaf, cinnamon, and many other foods with other antioxidants should be consumed. (I wrote a long article about cholesterol too if you would like to know more.)

Share this article with others and help them understand this critically misunderstood issue. You may never know, whoever sent you this might have just saved your life!

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