The Real Cause of Fatty Liver

“Fatty liver and cholesterol are diseases caused by eating too much oil.” – This statement is constantly heard nowadays. How many people avoid consuming too much oil but still have these conditions? There is a common misconception about the true cause of these conditions in the current modern society. These conditions are due to disruptions of the natural processes that occur within our bodies. Let us look at these issues one by one.

Do you know what a pig eats? It eats mostly vegetables. It does not eat meat. But how much oil and fat is in its body? Where did all that fat come from? Despite the diet, the fat was created by its system as it was a necessity. So do we. Despite what we eat, if we need fat, we will produce fat. We cannot change that. We try to reduce body fat by avoiding oily foods. Then think about this – how do vegetarians get fatty liver?

Let’s go straight to the topic. Nobody intentionally eats poison. But unfortunately, in the world we live in today, you can hardly avoid it. Chemically fertilized crops, chlorine-filled water, and additives in restaurant food. Another toxin we all take very willingly is soft drinks. Refined sugar, bread flour, and margarine also contain toxins. All these toxins we ingest stay in the stomach for a while and then gradually go into the small intestine. They get absorbed by the villi.

The Liver as a Filter

All the nutrients and toxins go through a filtration system first. That filter is the liver. The liver then has to deal with all the toxins we fed our bodies to ensure minimal harm. The liver binds all the toxins to sulfur molecules and sends them to our excretory system. Sweat is one form of excretion. Sulfur is the reason for the odor of sweat. But imagine not having enough sulfur to allow your liver to detoxify you. That’s the real problem. So we need to know how to add some sulfur to our daily diet. What are these foods?

Foods like these are high in sulfur. See any similarities in the items above? These foods stink when they go bad, right? That’s because of the sulfur.

So now you must be wondering, then what’s the issue if the liver can just sweep up all the toxins?

The Liver Schedule

The liver only carries out detoxification when we are asleep at night. That means we have to be fast asleep between 11 pm and 2 am. If not, the liver keeps the toxins inside. If you are going to bed at 3 am every morning, you are not allowing your liver to do its scheduled daily detoxification. In this way, the liver accumulates toxins. This toxin build-up is going to poison and kill your liver cells over time. Therefore it is important to sleep when you are supposed to.

Our body has a wonderful tactic. If any tissue in our body is damaged, a ‘band-aid’ is applied to that area. This will be easier to understand if you have read my article on cholesterol. When the liver cells get damaged, the body sends over and applies a ‘band-aid’ to this area as well. This ‘band-aid’ is what we call the fatty liver. These are not the fats in the food we eat. This fat was specifically produced by our body to cover up the harm done by the toxins in the food we eat.

How do toxins damage liver cells?

The toxins in our diets work as free radicals. These exist as positively charged ions. So when these positive ions reach a certain medium, they combine with the negative ions in that medium to stabilize. So in the case of the liver, when these positive ions (toxins) reach the liver cells, if not excreted immediately, starts to pick out the electrons from the liver cells to stabilize. This process damages the liver cells as they slowly lose cellular integrity. That’s when the body produces and sends over fat to cover up the damage. If this process occurs in an artery, the fat will come in and cover the damage. We call this cholesterol. When this same scenario occurs in the liver, it is called fatty liver.

Seems like these toxins are on a hunt for electrons and they are taking them off our healthy living cells. So if you think about it, if we ate electrons, it would be over, right? YES.

In fact, there is a natural way we can give our bodies electrons. They are called antioxidants. If we had added antioxidants to our daily diet, that problem would be over, wouldn’t it? If the toxins that we can’t avoid in our food are looking for electrons, and if we are fed foods with high levels of antioxidants, the job is done. Right? Yes! But we need to know what these foods are.

There is a unit that measures the number of antioxidants called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). We need to eat about 20,000 ORAC points a day. Now, what does a person with fatty liver or cholesterol have to do? Basically, increase the value a little.

Is excess Antioxidants an issue?

Have you ever seen a green wire under the ground when you take electricity to your house? We call it the Earth Wire. This is to ground all the excess electricity to the ground. If you have excess electrons, all you have to do is to walk on the ground. Even if the ORAC value is 200,000 per day, there is no problem.

Below are some of the foods to be easily available containing Antioxidants.

Other causes of Fatty Liver

Another cause of liver damage is painkillers. Acetaminophen, which is found in painkillers, does the same thing. So to get rid of that condition you have to get rid of painkillers. If necessary, this can be discussed at length.

Another factor is Fat Burning Mania. Some people want to lose weight in two weeks because they are overweight. Toxins do not dissolve in water. However, they are often soluble in fat. Toxins in the food we eat can be stored in the liver and also in the body’s adipose tissue. When the liver is unable to do its job properly, toxins enter the bloodstream. These toxins are then deposited in other adipose tissue in the body. People who try to lose weight fast attempt to speed up their metabolism and burn fat, releasing the toxins back into the bloodstream. So these toxins are then taken back to the liver to be removed. Now, within a short period of about two weeks, a large number of toxins reach the liver. This causes extensive damage to the liver. So if you are taking fat burners to lose fats, keep a very close eye on the health of your liver.

Share this article with others and help them understand this critically misunderstood issue. You may never know, whoever sent you this might have just saved your life!

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