The Myth Behind Osteoarthritis

In today’s world, treating symptoms has engulfed any hope of truly getting rid of conditions like osteoarthritis. The true cause of arthritis is in fact a long process of wrongdoings on our part. Read on to understand why.

There are many types of arthritis but the most common type is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by bones, as the name implies. People with this type of arthritis need to first understand that there is something wrong with their bone health.

Heres’ an Analogy

We find a GOOD rope to tie a swing on, right? Otherwise, the rope may break when the swing is rocked. Our body also has ropes like this. It’s not to ride a swing, but to provide the support needed for a certain movement. It is the connective tissue that connects the bone we call the tendon to another bone or muscle. Also, there is another connective tissue type called ligaments. They connect only between the bones. These are like the ropes that hold the bones in place. They have to be very strong.

These connective tissues connect to the outer layer of bones. The outer layer of the bone is like the branch of a tree that binds a swing. If the branch is weak but what happens is disastrous. So, you can imagine what happens if someone has weak bones. Tendons and ligaments cannot attach to the bone properly.

There is another tissue that connects bone to bone. That is cartilage. The bone is firmly attached to the cartilage as mentioned above. But as the bone weakens, the connection between cartilage and the bone also weakens.

The painful sensation

How can the joints function in such a case? Is it possible that the bones in the joints could not move due to the weakening of the connective tissues that were strong so far? Can the connective tissues carry an unbearable weight? Now, this joint is like a bundle of half-burnt wood. It is very difficult to move around. In the midst of this difficulty, the nerves in the relevant area also start to push. So, the pain becomes unbearable.

This condition is called osteoarthritis referred to as an infection caused by the wear and tear of cartilage and bone at the site. We talked above about the cause of this infection where the weakening of the bone leads to the weakening of the connective tissue. It’s really like a swing being tied to a twig. Extremely fragile. Movement gives rise to the risk of the whole structure collapsing. The pain is unbearable as the nerves are crushed while the bones are moving around.

How can nutrition weigh in on Osteoarthritis?

Calcium rich food

I think you would agree with me that the main reason for weak bones is the lack of nutrients needed to produce bone cells. So, it is very important that we are aware of that nutrition. Let’s talk about that. Below are 7 nutrients that are most important for bone health. Five of them are minerals and two are vitamins.

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Boron
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K
Vitamin C rich food

There are other minerals and vitamins that are not on this list. Potassium and Vitamin C are two other nutrients that are important.

Without potassium, the bone does not form. Knowledge about it is very rare. Below you will find some information about Potassium. It is clear from these reports that bones are weak when potassium is low.

Vitamin C & D

Vitamin D rich food

Vitamin C & D are essential elements for the good absorption of calcium. Remember when we were little we learned that vitamin D can be produced with the help of the morning sun? But what you may not know is that this does not happen with the sunlight coming through the glass. So, understand that we cannot take advantage of the sun falling on the windshield while driving or the sun falling inside a building.

As mentioned above, large amounts of nutrients contribute to bone growth. If we somehow reduce one of these, it will eventually weaken the bones.

How is blood alkalinity related to Osteoarthritis?

The blood in our body must be alkaline and maintain a pH of about 7.38. If this is reduced by 0.2, it can lead to a coma or even death. Because of this, our body always maintains an alkaline pH of 7.38. Whenever the food we eat causes this level to drop, our body tries to bring the potassium stored in the body into the bloodstream to respond to it.

We need to absorb about 1200 milligrams of calcium daily and 4500 milligrams of potassium daily. If you are on a gluten-free diet, you can fully absorb the nutrients in the food you eat. Gluten can coat your intestines and reduce the efficiency of absorption in your gut. Suppose only 50% of the nutrition in your food is absorbed. If so, you would need to eat 16 bananas a day for potassium and eat 14 cups of green leafy vegetables. If your intestinal tract is maintained healthy and gluten-free, you would need to eat only half of this.

Potassium rich food

Maintaining a precise pH of 7.38 in the blood is more important to our body than maintaining bone strength. Therefore, it mines potassium from the bones and releases it into the bloodstream when needed to maintain the relevant alkalinity. This causes the calcium bonds to weaken and subsequently, the bones to weaken.

This condition can lead to osteoporosis and high levels of calcium in the blood, which can lead to kidney stones. So, I hope you understand that potassium is extremely important for the body.

The decay of bones and connective tissue

You should now have some knowledge about bone weakness. The weakening of the bones is like the decay of a branch that holds a hammock. The ropes (connective tissue) become useless as they can’t work. As time goes on, the supply of nutrients to the affected tissue stops. If we do not use any muscle or tissue properly, the supply of blood and nutrients to these areas will be disrupted. Take, for example, a paralyzed person. Although there is a neurological disorder, after a while the muscles on the affected side become weak, don’t they? This is because our body does not nourish unused tissue.

The same thing happens here. The supply of nutrients to the cartilage stops. Ligaments and tendons do not get the nutrition they need. The reason is not that the connective tissue is dysfunctional. It is because the weak bones do not allow the connective tissue to function. Therefore, now it looks like tendons decay, cartilage decay, and ligaments decay. The bone also appears to be rotten. So, it is said that recovering such decay is impossible. Artificial joints are made and nailed into the body. These also become inactive after about three years. Find out how many years the people who spent millions and made such replacements were doing well. The truth will be understood.

What can we do now to alleviate this situation?

Gluten free diet

First of all, we need to keep our gut healthy where the food we eat is absorbed. For that, eating flour should be stopped today. In this way, we can reduce the amount of gluten we eat. Then you will be able to absorb the proper nutrition in the foods you eat.

The second factor is to avoid foods that do not maintain the alkalinity of our blood at pH 7.38. Also, maintain a proper hemoglobin level in the blood by eating foods that help maintain the relevant alkalinity. The main foods to avoid are:

Food to avoid for disrupting blood alkalinity
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Deep-fried food
  • Artificial meats
  • Foods like barbecue

Maintaining a daily intake of 50 grams of protein, which should be included in the daily diet, also helps maintain blood alkalinity.

It is also important for the stomach to maintain the acidity needed to digest protein.

All these factors eventually affect bone health. If you maintain a strong skeletal system and have proper nutrition in your daily diet, there is no reason to develop osteoarthritis.

Current routes of treatment

According to Western medicine, such diseases cannot be cured and can only be reduced by controlling the pain. Finally, if you feel the need, they recommend having an artificial joint implanted.

According to Holistic medicine, the affected area is lightly healed. The conditions in the stomach and intestines are cured first. Only then will the disease be cured. This method is very successful.

Since we are not able to provide such herbs in most countries, we provide the relevant nutrition to the body for about four months with the help of natural supplements. In this way too, the relevant complications can be avoided. You can read more about the 90 essential nutrients here.

However, the only way to fully cure a disease is to change your diet and get the proper nutrition you need. Things like balms and creams can provide temporary relief. That too may be necessary along the process of healing. But it is important to know that the relief felt by balm creams is temporary.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. If you want to talk to me personally, you may send me an email at serendibholistic@gmailcom.

Share these articles with others and help them understand this critically misunderstood issue. You may never know, whoever sent you this might have just saved your life.

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