The Power of the Mind

When we think of positive thinking, we often think of avoiding negative thoughts and focusing on more pleasant and optimistic outcomes. However, it is not always easy to avoid these negative thoughts. Ironically, the more we tell ourselves to not think of something, the more we tend to dwell on that exact thought we mean to avoid. Not many of us know the power of the mind.

In current society, “positive thinking” has almost become a mockery like it is hysterically depicted in the comic below.

What most of us are unaware of is how to instill a positive mindset so that our minds automatically take up a more optimistic approach in daily situations. The key to conscious learning is repetition. When we want to remember how to spell a word, what we do is continuously repeat the spelling till we feel confident in remembering it. This is actually the same in guiding our unconscious behaviors and thoughts.

Building a Positive Mindset

When we repeat certain goals or thoughts in our brains, it eventually moves from our conscious minds into the unconscious minds. This is where the real work happens that guides our most instinctive and natural thoughts. Another thing to note is that this system applies to anything that we constantly repeat in our minds. For example, constantly repeating “I am healthy” in your mind will eventually internalize this thought. This will boost your body into recovering from any ill states that are in. Similarly, if you constantly repeat“I will never recover” or “I am sick”, this too will internalize and apply in your physiological symptoms. This will therefore delay your recovery despite treatment.

Another key thing to note here is the type of words used in your attempt to instill a positive mindset. You should use words like healthy in saying “I am healthy” rather than words like “sick” in saying “I am not sick”. Though both carry the same meaning, using the right words can influence the type of mindset you develop. Avoiding negative words completely ensures that no negativity lurks around in your mind.

Your mind is such a powerful thing that it is able to even surpass reality. Continuously focusing on certain pains you feel, prompts your brain to send electrical signals to your mind to continue to feel that pain. Your mind is like a robot that is programmed to follow every order you internalize.

The issue we all have is getting to a stage where we GENUINELY believe in a certain outcome. We are conditioned into requiring reason and logic before we allow ourselves to believe in something. Due to this, we have become less and less open-minded as evolution progressed. It is not simply easy to believe in an outcome just because we want to. We tend to analyze, investigate and consult our opinions before choosing whether or not we believe something. This is understandable. So how do we get ourselves to believe or change our mindset?

1. Remove Barriers

Let go of the walls that make you narrow-minded. If there is a new idea or a possibility of a positive outcome being presented to you, allow it to enter your mind as an option instead of shutting it down just because your current knowledge contradicts it or your opinions are against it.

2. Explore and Gather Knowledge

Don’t just believe or accept something you see or hear on the first go. Give yourself the time and resources to learn about it. For instance, if someone presents you with an alternative treatment method such as a course of nutrition to overcome a health condition try and gather as much data as you can on this new way of treatment. Look into it and find out if it has had results with others, read up testimonials, talk to others who have experienced the same thing. This will expand your knowledge and open your mind to the possibility of believing.

3. Repeat your Desired Belief

After allowing your mind to be open, you will realize that you are weighing towards this new idea more than before. However, you may still have certain uncertainties. At this stage, it is important that you repeat in your mind what it is you want to believe. Constantly thinking “This will work” or “I am feeling better” will allow your mind to internalize these thoughts and program your mind into having a positive attitude.

Once you follow these steps, it will become routine for your mind to look in the positive direction instead of falling back on negative possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Thinking positively about a course of treatment you are on will enhance its effects help you recover much faster. Similarly, if you keep having doubts about the treatment, no matter how powerful the treatment is, you will fail to see results. This usually happens to people who go into new types of treatment in the mindset “nothing works for me”. Their prior experiences have conditioned their minds into a corner of negativity which runs in a loop that they can’t escape because their minds are closed off to the idea of any treatment working for them.

Therefore, the mind is a very powerful thing. It can change, influence, and enhance the physiological conditions and even be the deciding factor of your recovery. Learn to train it into positivity and you will see the changes that take place. Just remember, you can’t trick the mind. There is no easy way around it. Do what is necessary to get yourself to truly believe that what your desire is possible and the result will amaze you!

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