90 Nutrients You Need For A Disease-Free Life

What is true health?

We need to be strong in three ways to keep the human body healthy.

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

Physical Health

All we need to do to stay physically fit is to provide our body with the nutrients it needs daily for the internal functioning of the body. For this, the body needs 90 essential nutrients. Without them, the relevant parts of the body and their functions will suffer. When essential nutrients are deficient, tissues in the body begin to break down. This is what starts to look like a disease on the outside. What we need to do is provide the nutrition that patients with these diseases need. This article aims to raise awareness of the causes of malnutrition and how to obtain the appropriate nutrients.

Mental Health

The deficiency of nutrients also leads to stress. People with good mental health do not burn or deplete the body of nutrients unnecessarily. Because of this, a mentally healthy person is much healthier physically as well. Meditation and hypnosis can boost mental health.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is a very important factor too. But this is a fact that most of us do not accept. Our spiritual health is important for prompt metabolism in our body, to produce all the bodily stimuli beyond our control, and to keep the body active in response to changes in the brain.

It is because of this amazing ability of our body that even if we do not provide some of the nutrients in the meals we take, the relevant nutrients are absorbed from another place and the body is kept healthy for as long as possible. Therefore, if we are suffering from a disease, the most important task to be done is to provide proper nutrition. But after contracting an illness, many people will spend the rest of their lives as a patient, taking various forms of treatment, neglectful of this amazing ability of our body. It’s the most unfortunate situation our society has ever been in.

In this article, we will be talking about a successful Kyrgyz path that the United States has taken to overcome malnutrition after nearly 40 years of research.

What is the true capacity of a ‘lifetime’?

There is a village called Vilcabamba in Ecuador. The people of this village live between 110 and 140 years. Also, there are no hospitals in that city. The real reason is their lifestyle and their diet. They add 90 nutrients to their daily diet.

There are no toxins in their food. They add large amounts of antioxidants to their diet each day. Their daily diet includes the proper amount of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. (You can find out more about these parts later on in this article.)

This diet has given them the resources they need to stay healthy for 110-140 years. One of the scientists who did special research on this city is Dr. Joel Wallach. He is the world’s leading scientist on the physical and mental health of animals. Dr. Wallach has conducted a scientific study of the physical diseases of 17,000 animals and 3,000 humans. The US government has invested $ 25 million in this research. The report of this research has been published as a memoir and can be purchased from the website (www.amazon.com).

However, only a few countries in the world that are considered to be advanced have been able to reap the benefits of this scientist’s findings. Unfortunately, developing countries have not yet been able to reap the benefits of these findings. As you read this article, 19 years have passed since these amazing discoveries were made and launched into the consumer market and were introduced to Asia in February 2016. That was in Singapore.

The 90 Essential Nutrients

For every human body to properly regulate, about 90 nutrients should be provided with food, with about 2000 calories or so of energy. Failure to do so may result in impaired function of parts of the body. This is visible to us as a disease or symptom. Such conditions can be relieved by taking the necessary nutrients back into the body. It is your job to discover what your body is lacking and provide your body with it.

Lack of nutrition is the cause of all non-communicable diseases. The problem lies in the fact that not all of the necessary nutrients are found in our diets nowadays. Instead of nutrition, we get compounds that are harmful to the body, such as flavoring, coloring, pesticide-treated chemical fertilizers, and preservatives. As a result, man has become more and more helpless.

Modern fashion has also paved the way for the addition of toxins that do not suit the body. It has also become a source of income for the business industry and has become inseparable from society. Fast food culture has engulfed our society. This will make you realize that getting rid of them is not an easy task.

Here are the 90 Essential nutrients:

Too much?

At first glance, it may seem like a mouthful. However, we are in luck because Dr. Joel Wallach found a great solution for this. All nutrients were extracted from more than 115 varieties of vegetables and fruits grown in the fertile soils of the world and marketed in powder and tablet forms. A person who consumes two teaspoons of this wonderfully compact food daily can get a large amount of the required amount of nutrients per day. Eating 115 fruits and vegetables a day is a dream come true. Thanks to Dr. Wallach, it has become a reality.

These nutrients cannot be produced by our bodies. We need to give these nutrients to our body daily along with our daily diet. The people of Vilcabamba town receive 90 of these nutrients regularly. For that reason, they do not need hospitals and can live a healthy life for over 110 years.

Now that you are more informed about what the body truly needs, try reflecting on whether you have in fact been taking enough of the 90 essential nutrients. It is that easy to live a disease-free life and most of us take our ability of natural health for granted. Start today to take the right nutrients and rest assured, you will see your health blossom.

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